This is a boring post but I am gonna post it anyway.

Theres a reason the date is the title, because today I wrote the date wrong on everything at work. I genuinely thought it was only 30th!

Today, I tidied a bit more of my room.. its a mess because I brought loads of stuff home from uni for Easter as I’ve only got 2 weeks left when I go back! I decided that it would be a good idea to get all the holiday clothes I own and write a list of every single item that I have. Surprisingly, it didn’t actually take too long and now I know exactly what I need to buy and what I really don’t need any more of.

On my list of what I need to buy is a pair of fat face flip flops. It’s a slightly odd one but anyway theres a story. Basically when I went on holiday last year, I wanted some material toe post flip flops which are ever so difficult to find so I decided that I wasn’t going to get any. We got to good old Manchester Airport and had a gander round and I then found some perfect ones in the duty free fat face shop! They were lush! SO I BOUGHT THEM… Unfortunately I then left them on the transfer coach from the airport to hotel and that was the end of that because the transfer and hotel were useless and I couldn’t get them back.

I also sorted a lot of clothes out yesterday to be put on depop to sell so if you want to take a look heres the link..

AND not long after I put some things on, someone bought a top I was selling.

I then went to work for 5 until 9 and got the train home. How boring of a day but there you go.

I’m going to try writing some stuff on here a few times a week. Either something thoughtful or just my day really. I may end up doing reviews on products or something like that but for now you’ll get what you’re given. I’m going to try maybe writing a little story about me or a recall on an event like the one about the flip flops so you get snippets of my life too.

Over and out,



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