Missing friends?

Ever lost a friend and wondered why they went ‘missing’. 

I had this friend, and I loved her to pieces but then she just disappeared and I am still really bitter about it. I’m bitter because I don’t understand what happened; it’s like that constant question of ‘what did I do?’. 

I’m not naive and I know people drift, this happened a lot naturally in secondary school which I totally get. People change and make new friends. But this is different!

I just don’t understand it, we were best friends and had inside jokes, constant sleep overs and heart to hearts. And I don’t know what happened. She helped me through loads of things, and that’s why I loved her because she was my rock! And always inspired me and pushed me and made me do stupid and hilarious things!

I can’t put too much detail because then it will be obvious who it is to some people but yeah, if you know who you are.. Please reach out to me because I miss you!! 

Over and out, 

Abs xo 


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