Protect children. 

So I’m currently reading this book…  

And yes it was only £1 from waterstones but  that’s because it’s slightly out of date now as ChildLine is now run by NSPCC.. Link below to check it out and their website!!

Anyway, this book is so inspiring. It is stories about the survivors of abuse (many different types- bullying, physical, neglect, emotional and mostly sexual) and how ChildLine helped them or in some cases didn’t help them but inspired them when they were older to protect children and ensure their children knew about such services. It would be emotional for those who have no interest/background in safeguarding, abuse and things like that such as social service knowledge but due to my course I know little bits about it. I don’t find any of it shocking, because I believe it happens, everywhere. And that’s why it constantly makes me think that every parent in the world should be briefed on abuse and the signs and indicators and also not be scared to speak up. A child abused, grows up with many consequences from this and it can affect their lives in the future. Anyway, the people in this book are incredible for coming out of the other end. 

It has sparked something in me that makes me even more determined to protect our children in generations to come and my generation. And it had reconfirmed my interest in safeguarding and protection. I’m not sure what but it would be a dream to become a social worker or counsellor.. Something along those lines anyway. Children need adults to trust especially if they are being abused. 

Below is another link to the NSPCC website but the actual page on how to prevent and see abuse. It’s not easy, and approach with caution.  If you suspect something, ring the helpline or speak to someone. Never confront.
The NSPCC is a service for everyone and can also be invited to case conferences depending on the abuse cases so they really do, do a lot of work. 

Please be aware. It can happen to anyone. And to all those people who volunteer and are involved with NSPCC, thank you. I know it can’t be easy and one day (soon) you will have a new volunteer with you, saving and protecting our children. 


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