Horrific. 1989

Philip Cadman 

I wonder how many of you know this name? I didn’t until I have just read about it in my book.


This bloke, a millionaire, ran a boarding school in Newbury called Crookham Court. Cadman was a paedophile who employed teachers with no references and other paedo teachers who had quietly been let go from other schools. He set the fees low and had control over the intake of the pupils. He chose the most vunerable. His hobby was to abuse boys. He also put on an act to seem frail but it was all a lie.

Yes, that says hobby. 

This guy and two of his accomplices did get sent to prison thanks to Peter and some other pupils but mainly Peter who had to relive their abuse in trial with little advice or help or sympathy. I’m proud of them and I know very little of their stories.

Peter had the courage to write a letter to ChildLine and thanks to him BBC took it up and the evidence was correlated. It took many years to get these sentences because Cadman was clever and blocked all ways of getting evidence when Peter and his family tried taking him on alone. He trapped everyone in that school.


Stories don’t get to me usually, but this did. It homes in the fact it could happen to 100’s of people like in this story at a time. We need to be aware.

I want to thank everyone involved in that case. Everyone. Thank you for putting away a ludicrous guy.

Give our children the chance and confidence to speak up. 


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