Miss Selfridge Haul!! First fashion post!

Okay, so this is a new kind of blog post for me. I also haven’t posted in a very long time and I’ve also been meaning to write this post for like a whole week now!! I hope you enjoy it even though its now a little out of date and everywhere has probably had deliveries since then!

As you all know I work at Miss Selfridge, and I really love my job and I am really proud of where I work too. Recently I have been buying a few (too many) bits and pieces and I’ve also had my uniform allowance to spend too.
Everywhere seems to be going quite Autumn style on us which is quite crappy cause it means its soon to get cold which is really rubbish because I’m such a nesh person. If anyone doesn’t know what nesh means, it means constantly cold like cold blooded i suppose! It does give me an excuse to buy nice jumpers and such though.
So the colours that are in at the moment are khaki, camel and burgundy. We also have a trend which is in at the moment which is coming into play quite a lot called menswear which has black and white strips, pinstripes, stone colours, smart wear, tailored wear and what I would say is work and business wear. It has waistcoats and things like that.

PS: I am not very good with fashion-y type names so bare with.
PPS: Work haven’t asked me to write this, it was just something i fancied doing.

I’m now going to get into a few items that I have bought from the sale, because everyone loves a sale.


So this is the best £5 clutch bag I have ever bought. As you can quite clearly see its bright pink and says arm candy on it.. BUT what you can’t see is that its a really soft material and nice and flimsy so it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying a log under your arm. Its also quite a Mary Poppins little bag.. I fit my flip flops in it. Perfect for a night out! PS. I do love my flip flops.


Okay so I committed a deadly fashion sin and bought the same top in two colours. Its a tie back top in a sort of lycra, polyester, cotton blend (I think) and it has a small knot in the back of them just to add a bit of interest I suppose! Its a jeans and top sort of day with these two. The white one was £5 and the pink £7.


I bought these in a previous season in black and wide floral and these fit me so well and look fab on whether it’s a casual event or a more dressy evening. I wore these with the white top above for a day out in the Lake District teamed with a pair of Hunters so I went for a full on festival style. They are high waisted and make you look like you have a tiny waist! These were £5 in the sale too! Bargain!!

The next TWO items I bought while they were on a 30% point of sale which means they could be on promotion for a period of time then could go back into trend and full price or go into sale. They have gone into sale now and are proving popular.


This is what I would call a wrap style ballet top but is probably just a normal ballet top to everyone else! I call it that cause it overlaps at the front and has a band at the bottom. It looks like a warm up top to all you people who are familiar with dance wear. It really pulls your waist in which is amazing and especially as its striped it gives you a tiny waist. It is low cut and cropped too but looks amazing with high waisted leggings or a black skater skirt. I bought it for £9.80 last week.


This is a cropped black cami with a white pom pom trim round the slight V line neck. You can’t actually tell they’re pom pons but thats what it’s called! It’s also not too cropped for a change either! I can’t really say much about it because there isn’t much to say.. its a nice black cami. It’s really comfortable and casual. Also, online its called a vest but I think its more a cami top. I bought it for £7.00.

Now onto the items I bought for my uniform. These are full price items that had literally been delivered a few days, if not the day I bought them. They are really current trend pieces from a selection of trends. They are all quite boring colours but are genuinely fabulous pieces and I love them.


I love these leggings. A lot. They are black a white dogtooth print but the print is really small. The bottoms have a slight turn up which gives them a trouser style look. They have a great waistband at the top and could possibly be worn either on the hips or high waisted. I tend to ear anything quite high to make my legs look longer as I am quite short. The material is so soft and cosy and also thick for a pair of leggings so you can really tell they are a good quality. I was so comfortable in them and felt so warm and just generally happy! So sad I know. They also stretch too so lunging in them is possible. I wore them with the black top below for a really casual and comfy look. They are £25 which is great for these.


This is incredible. Its the warmest, most gorgeous knit ever. Its such a fluffy material and so nice to wear. It’s sort of an eyelash knit so it feels a bit more luxurious. It really works with black jeans and I am thinking about trying it with a white long sleeved top under it for colder days. It also comes in white and if you are petite a baby blue and a baby pink. Please remember our petites are exclusive so if you love the colours, you may need a size bigger or more. Not all stores stock petite either. This is an incredible steal at £22. A A/W 15 must I think.


This is a comfy top. I feel it is a slightly big fit for the sizes but it is such a great wear. The material is silky soft (not silk) and just comfy. Again, gone for a comfort piece. It does have some great detailing with the slight plunge back and the strip across the top. It also has a split at the bottom which you can see in the really bad quality photo of it I have added. The front is a nice V neck and isn’t low cut or anything at all. Because of the split at the bottom it does flare a little and is a wonderful addition to an otherwise boring top. I use the word boring lightly; I am not used to wearing dark colours!! I love this top for £14 (I think, I can’t quite remember!).

This is a picture of the split back. I have had to lighten it a lot to be able to produce a picture where you can see it!


This jumper is a really light material and I love it. Its in a marl grey and has a great fit. The colour really works with black jeans or leggings. As its lightweight, it gives you the flexibility to wear a vest underneath if you wanted to for colder days or as it is. It has a sort of open split back which knots at the bottom. It is a fab detail to add to a jumper which is plain on the front. There is a picture below of the back! The sleeves are three quarter (3/4). They sit really nicely on my arm and aren’t too tight. This is a great jumper for £20 and a real must have for the not too cold, not too warm days that England has.

The next and final two items are from the Petite Range at Miss Selfridge which is the absolute bomb! The brand has created an absolutely cracking petite range and makes me feel really proud to be small! The petites are exclusive so they aren’t done in non-petite which just makes them feel a bit more wonderful and celebratory of smaller and petite people! These items are fantastic!


The photo really does not do this justice at all. This technically is a tunic but I call it a dress as thats how I would wear it. I am a really big fan of swing dresses and this one being petite is a perfect length for me. Its a sort of rough knit if I was trying to describe the material to you! As it is grey marl I really think that you could dress it up or down. The semi high neck is a great addition as it makes you feel cosy! I sometimes opt for a belt to make these dresses more casual and a bit different but I can really see this in the thick of winter with a pair of black tights and chunky chelsea boots or UGG boots and a nice chunky cardigan or cape. Miss Selfridge have a beautiful sleeveless cream belted knit which I love and could see working really well with this dress. They also have some great chelsea boots in (as per) in different colours. My personal faves are the raspberry/burgundy ones as I love a bit of colour but the brown ones are also beautiful too! I can see this really working for a casual work do and you can easy put a spaghetti strap vest underneath again for colder days. It comes in a very similar style in a whiter colour too and the website describes it as boucle which is curled or looped material. This was a nice winter dress for £25.


This is another jersey piece which I can’t say much about as it really is what it says on the tin (hanger). Its a semi high neck with a button detail on the back which is on the picture below. It does have full sleeves and is just a nice top to wear casually. It does make you look really thin because of the horizontal stripes which is always a bonus!! It is a ribbed material too. Again I would wear it with my favourite black jeans It was £18 and I just think it’s a great jersey for the price.
The photos are really awful for this piece so I am sorry!


So it looks like I am going to be living in black jeans this winter but that is okay by me! Thank you for reading and please leave feedback because I may write another blog like this if you enjoyed it.

Over and Out.



  1. The Girl In a Cocktail Dress · August 21, 2015

    Hi, I just stopped by to let you know I really enjoyed going through your post! Very cool, interesting (and stylish too!!) Keep it up!
    Come check out my blog, if you get the time! Would love to know what you think
    Keep blogging!
    p.s. cute buys!


  2. The Very Hungry Ciretta-pillar · September 8, 2015

    Hey Abi, great to see you’re still blogging. I am OBSESSED with watching YouTube hauls so reading this was a nice change in that department. Keep ’em coming!


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