The best advice: be kind

Kindness, what is it?  Is it a feeling? A thought? An action? 

I can’t quite decipher this for myself but what I do think is that it is the best advice anyone could be given. I feel like the term kind or kindness is an umbrella for many different things. Some of us might see being kind as giving to charity, some of us might see it as making someone a cup of tea without asking (typical Yorkshire example). But in reality, if you’re just that little bit kinder in whatever sense, it’ll probably get you further. It’s more of a link to positivity in a way which as a person we portray through our actions and active citizenship. If you’re in a bad environment, physical or mental, the kindness in whatever sense of others will, hopefully, guide you. So does this mean being kind is just being yourself? Is kindness not from within but from within others? 

When you are in a place where you can recognise the need to stop and think, and be kind and recognise others needs and your deminishing selfishness and start occupying selflessness, that might just be when you become a notably kind person. But there’s only one person who can have an initial state to think about this and that is yourself

Surely your living your life for others and not your own greed would be better, right

Like I said being kind and kindness is different to everybody so it may not always be recognised but I suppose as long as you have love in your heart, positive thoughts and a kind soul, your life will be worthwhile. 

Not sure if any of that made sense because I’m tired but I just wanted a short post on kindness as I reflect on my personal development, how I want to develop and how I am presently developing. 

Be kind. 


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