Journal post 2 – Tanzania – 3rd July

First night here

The first thing is that today has given me such a massive culture shock. It is so insane. I am sharing my room with Anna, my Tanzanian counterpart, not also that but a bed too. Slightly odd but even more so is the fact that I’ve just had the first warm water shower since arriving yet it was definitely the coldest seeing as I was in a brick hut with just a bowl and a cup. Being under the stars is ever so slightly liberating though!

I finally got a sim card today but barely managed to use it because we’ve been so busy. Madi ended up sharing with someone in her family and wasn’t comfortable with it so they thought that I would be. Bollocks to that! So we’ve been all over trying to sort that.

The village is huge though and quite scary when you are the only white person (mazungu) – I was walking with Francis – is intimidating. I will definitely get lost at some point.


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