Tanzania (P3) – Mum’s Birthday, Shitting, Cold Nights

6th July

So as you can see I got interrupted at the end/middle of that entry. Today is mums birthday and I’ve managed to speak to her a bit, just wish the pictures she sent to me would download. Wish I was there but it’s just one of those things. This is hard to write when I have the Sam Smith album on and engaged in! Yeah, as I was saying. I’m trying not to sing out loud too. Alongside, not letting my snot dribble as I’m bent over writing this.

Today we got assigned stalls for the awareness raising tomorrow and I got Raleigh and took it upon myself to do the “What is an entrepreneur?” bit. I brought my pens and got on with a poster. I felt like the two others, both Tanzanians, were just pissing about and doing nothing so at one point it got a little bit heated. I realised how fiesta I can be but at the end of the day it works. I don’t want to look stupid tomorrow. Just frustrating when one of them was kicking up such a fuss about it, then proceeds to do nothing.

I felt proactive today for once which was good. We went into town and did some surveys in Swahili, so I felt useless but we found the tailors so I’m thinking about getting a kanga made. The material was beautiful and I held the baby. It was so cute and smiley!!

Now I’m singing out loud as Ana has gone to shower. I miss singing all the time.

The situation with Ali is so surreal at the moment when he tells me he misses me and wants to go travelling and stuff. It’s so good but I just hope it carries on and not just words because he means so much to me and we left in such a good place.

I’m also going to write this into my blog when I get home which will be great but not as good as writing watching the sun set out the door.

Sam Smith – Latch. Feels so appropriate right now. So does Make It To Me!

More 6th July – sorry about the mismatch in colour pens. I’ve just showered, by that I mean a bucket and cup to pour it over myself. I used my sarong for the first time and felt like a proper Tanzanian because I think that’s what they do!

Having a shit by torch light down a hole makes this feel so real but in an odd way still so surreal too. I’m just taking in the whole experience.

I’m not really missing home either because it’s such a different life and environment. If I was at home I would be doing nothing so that’s why I feel I can manage to immerse myself into it easier. And I’m motivated to make a difference.

Another weird thing is that I’m wearing more clothes to bed than I do at home. Like long pyjamas top and bottom, bed socks and a jumper. And then I’m in my 2-3 season sleeping bag and liner and I’m sharing a bed too. How crazy!

I’m so tired but I have tea still to have and find my Raleigh top for tomorrow. We can’t be an hour and half late tomorrow like we were today either! Beyond Bongo time. And no, Bongo out here isn’t racist, it’s what they call themselves.

My Mama is such a nice lady too, she likes me because I’m not fussy with food. She’s a good cook of rice and peas and the other day chunks of pig as they call it! Although, she thinks porridge is a drink which is so funny!

I feel like I’m writing just to fill this page right to the bottom even though there is so much I could write.

Here I don’t have to worry about home which is good like I don’t have a job when I get home and I could have failed second year but I can deal with that then, when needed to.

Right now I am absolutely living for the moment which is such an incredible feeling and I’m grateful for.

Thank you Government. 


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