Tanzania (P4) – Entrepeneurship and Relationship.

7th July.

Today was a good day, evening pretty interesting. So it started by giving a speech about what an entrepreneur is which Isa and Juma translated for me to a group of Tanzanians. It was pretty inspiring that they listened to me despite not knowing a word of English, I felt slightly empowered.

Then we did a bit of waiting around, as per, but I had some insightful conversations and a lot of sunbathing until I got too hot! At one point I had taken my flip flops off and they ended up in the middle of a group talk but being bare foot for a while was good.

I then learnt that my phone screen had been smashed somehow and now my selfie camera doesn’t work – first world problems.

Also, gossip of the day is that ginger, white, Irish John is in a relationship with bongo, Tanzanian Grace! Ooooo. Lets see how long it lasts.

We then all watched Kung Fu Panda 3, well most of it until the laptop cut out. Oh before that we went into town to do more surveys and I bought some material and it’s being made into a top and skirt for me. I get it tomorrow and it cost me a whole £6 equivalent!

Me, Kieran,



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