Tanzania (P6) -Day Off, Snail, Travelling.

10th July

So today is our day off and so far I’ve washed my clothes and got dirtier than they started. Later, we’re all going for a walk but surprise, surprise Ana isn’t coming.

We had an argument last night because she wanted to go a different way home even though we’d never been that way and it was getting dark. She was prepared to leave me on my own as well which is such a dick move. I’d already waited like 2 hours for her to have a medical because she wanted biscuits!

Luckily, I got my way but I ‘stormed’ off at normal pace and she proceeded to walk like a snail.

She said I didn’t know where I was going. Bullshit. She didn’t speak to me until this morning.

Yesterday I had chips and a chip omelette for lunch, followed by pepsi, a lolly and sweets.

Last night I managed like a 40min WhatsApp call with Ali which is genuinely just what I needed. I don’t think he realises how much he keeps me going sometimes. I hope one day we get together, I like him a hell of a lot to keep talking like we do and it not come to anything. He keeps saying he wants to go travelling which would be incredible, I’d get to share the world with someone I truly care about which would honestly complete me. Just hope it sticks until I get home and I don’t get fucked over, it would hurt me so much. But then again we’re not together so.

Just have to wait and see.


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