Tanzania (P8) -Continued, Football, Rats and Bullshit.

18th July.

Yesterday – Saturday – it was lunch time. I think I was going to write about about the football match so it was us against the actual village football team who had a kit and everything. I was the only girl playing but I retired after 5 mins because they were so brutal! Fun though.

When I sat down with the others we were actually surrounded by kids, quite scary. There were so many people watching, which was amazing. We drew 3-3.

The little girl in front got hit by the ball and literally just silently sobbed for a minute and was fine; a kid in the UK would ball for an hour!

It was such a good day but then the walk home killed us off.

I forgot to mention, the little bit of dancing after lunch, the last song was Diamonds by Rihanna (?) just for us white people.

Yesterday, we went to Joe’s after clothes washing – I sort of just rinsed and then Isa washed a pair of shorts for me, and 2 tops, because I couldn’t get them clean.

Lunch was gross, I got the bit of meat that looked like fur so Ana swapped me!

We watched Shrek 4 at Joe’s, it’s shit. I had a good time though, even just chilling.

Lucie was emotional because the rats in her house are really bad. She paid for some cement for the family to sort it as it’s not in Raleigh’s budget.

I got home and there was no electric so we ate by torch light. It was awful and made me realise how poles apart my life at home is. I literally ate and then went to bed.

I also made chapatis Saturday night, from scratch and we didn’t eat them all for breakfast this morning so I took them to training!

After training, the UKV’s and Juma and Gerald went to the VEO office and had a few games of bullshit which was proper fun. Lucie didn’t come though!


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