Tanzania (P9) – Attenborough, Girlfriend and Ginge.

20th July

Today I’ve come back in an amazing mood and just genuinely happy.

This morning me and Isa went into town and got 3 more, maybe 4 more mentors which is amazing. We were sat in the hair dressers and on TV was a David Attenborough documentary and there would be a nice, calm English bit then as a translation a booming Swahili which was funny but so loud. It was like cartwheeling baboons but then I hid from that animal I hate. I never remember what it’s called. It begins with A though.

This afternoon we went to Joe’s and all the UKV’s had a right bonding session talking about bad first dates, sex stories, drinking, fruit, like everything! I really enjoyed it.

I genuinely have time for everyone in the group even though we are all such different people.

Just starting to bop to Trap Queen as I’m writing! Miss town right now.

Anyway, I had the usual walk home with Juma asking me to be his girlfriend. I have great skills in avoiding the questions. I don’t let it phase me anymore. He’s so lovely though bless him!

Last night I found out Isa goes out with my friend Nicole too!

Today, I turned on my phone to a cute message from Ali saying that he’s so happy at the minute and he’s not even seen me. It’s so weird like I feel the same. He makes me feel on top of the world. just hope it lasts. It makes it so much easier to do this knowing in just over 6 weeks I hopefully have my little ginge to come home to. As much as I would kill to see him, I know it’s gonna be so worth the wait. He also appreciated his post card which I’m happy about; I wasn’t sure how well he would take it but it was well received (?).

Clocks just came on how fitting. Nearly cried, I love good music.

Not much else to say apart from lunch was shit as usual so over and out.


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