Welcome to my first ever blog post..

So I saw this article on Cosmo and it was about an app that the Kardashians used to get ‘perfect selfies’. So I’ve downloaded and used it and the result is below (hopefully)

Now personally I don’t think theres anything wrong with a little editing to alter brightness and contrast and stuff like that but some of the crazy things on that app are that you can add eyelashes and eyeliner, which i have done in the photo I have edited.. to prove a point. Why would you want to add extra ones? Surely if you’re confident enough to take a photo of yourself and put it on the internet you should be happy enough to leave it as it is. To me when someone extensively edits a photo, I don’t get it. Its like getting cosmetic surgery, it proves you’re not happy in your own body and why should you have to make yourself look ‘your version of good’ to everyone else? Anyway thats possibly a little judgmental but I am all about positive body image.

Next thought of the day: why do people think you want to know their life story? I couldn’t care less, especially when I have emails and WhatsApp to reply to regarding work and uni. I always seem to attract these people and I’m not sure how because I thought my face was actually quite unapproachable. ARGH.

Final thought of the day and of my first blog post in a long time is: that I don’t understand how people manage to have long distance relationships and can only see each other once a month. I leave my boyfriend that night and miss being close to him; the physical side is what I miss. Mentally and emotionally I am fine on my own but hugging, kissing, cuddling, just touching is what I miss. It’s like closeness that I crave. I do miss everything else about him obviously but it’s hard not to have these things when you’ve been used to them for the past few days. I chose a uni close to home so I could still be near him but it’s still not the same. You can’t just stay over with each other or go round for an hour because it’s still a journey away. I suppose its helped me a lot having my own space but most of the time I would rather be at home or with him because I like to feel loved.

PS. This is the quickest and possibly shittest blog post in the world but I needed a vent so I decided here would do.

Over and out. ABS. 


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