Journal post 1 – Tanzania – 2nd July

I’m sharing my journal that I wrote in Tanzania. This is the first post! It’s very honest and I’m gonna copy word for word! 

After a week of training in Morogoro, we are now finally on a 14ish (bingo time!) journey. We are staying in Mbeya tonight then another 11 hours tomorrow to get to the village. We are currently driving through a national park. It is so breathtaking. There are mountains and hills everywhere. It’s so stunning. Genuinely feel privileged (?) to be in this beautiful country. We’ve seen elephants, baboons, giraffes, zebra, antelope and buffalo – all in the wild! It’s incredible. It’s starting to sink in now that it is finally time to go into village and help these young people. 

The Tanzanian volunteers are great too although crazy to think that we’re going into the type of villages they are from. The whole process for the, is gaining education and as much as we (UK) will be learning, I think the benefit was more of a personal development stance. I have already learnt so much about business and how to build the foundations – okay slightly distracted by Without Me by Eminem right now so I lost my thought! Currently sharing my music with my Tanzanian TL, Francis. Not sure what he thinks like. 

So, training was so much fun, even though very tiring. It was the most amazing experience to have everyone in the same place, alol eager to learn and the banter has been on absolute top form. I’m going to miss having all the lads around. I spent a lot of time with them, especially Tom. Everyone started to think we were shagging or something but he’s like my brother! We just vibe off each other and just get each other. It got quite immature at some points and was ridiculous tbh. Our echo is close to his which hopefully means on treks we can see him and Rory. He’s pretty hard to read but sound. 

Palladio is on now. Wow. 

My group is alright too. There’s John and Kieran from my training weekend and they seem okay to vibe from. Kieran is funny and us and Connor had a good chat about happiness yesterday which… (page turn) helped us to see each other perspectives and a little insight into us all. I’ve spoken to the girls a bit but Mandy and Lucie are really close and Ella is just a bit different. We will see. My UK TL is sound though, it’s gonna be 9 more weeks of bants! 

So the squatting for the toilet is new but thinking about it, quite hygienic too. Still haven’t got used to the cold showers though. It’s been a dipping head under business! I’ll get there. 

The food is gonna get so grim if it carries on like it has this week with rice and beans daily. I’m missing fresh fruit and veg. Mostly veg because we’ve had watermelon even though I don’t like that either, and an occasional banana or orange. I didn’t eat anything last night, it was gross. Just don’t get why it’s all served on top of each other when you have a full plate. Muffin mama came so it was all good. Chocolate and banana muffins! 


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