Tanzania (P5) – Tired and Lost.

8th July. Morning.

So last night I was interrupted and after I was too tired to carry on writing.

Me, Kieran, Maddy and Ella got lost on the way back to my homestay last night and everyone came searching. We were ages and then two guys stopped next to us on a bike, think they were drunk but thankfully it was John and Isa’s baba and he knew my name and said they were following us as they knew we were lost. They then walked us to my house. I literally pounced on my mama when I saw her.

So I’d settled down and then Daniel turned up looking for Kieran who had left.

Then this morning I also found out that Joe was also looking for us too! Shit! Oh well, we’ve learnt where we went wrong, straight on at the big tree instead of right.

Last night was the first time I missed home properly but cute texts in a morning keep me going.

8 weeks today and I’ll be in the UK.


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